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Metal detector vendors


Metaldetector remote monitoring system

The METALIM system is remotely monitorable throug a computer with a dedicated interface.

Metalremote software capition

Using a single computer is possible to monitor up to eight metal detectors located in every part of the factory, obtaing automatic daily reports for every machine showing:

  • Monitoring start and stop times
  • Activation and deactivation of the machines, even in case of many switches
  • Number of allarms in the day
  • Time of each allarm

Each metal detector can be identified with an unique name, and the state of all the machines is verifiable trough very simple graphical interface.

Sistem requirements:
  • The MetalRemote system can be installed on any P.C. with a parallel port.
  • Is compatible with every version of Windows
  • Can be connectec to any metaldetector through two small boards.


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