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Checkweighers and metal detectors


The Coel combined system can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, to complete the functionality of your production line.

Marking System
Marking system The marking system is able to print information on the product during the march on the conveyor belt: from 1 to 4 rows can be printed with alphanumeric characters, dates, serial numbers or bar codes.
The Marking System can mark each product with datas such as lot or due date, and can be used for print every type of information. The user's interafce is simple and intuitive.
It's also possibile to combine the marking system with a vision system, to identifie eventual print defects and to remove the defective products from the line.
Vision System
Vision System The Vision System can make dimensional measures or check eventual print errors in the label (Like the bad print of a due date). With the full integration of a command PLC, each defective product can be ejected.
With few operations on the control panel (right picture) it is possibile to "teach" it what it have to check; then, setting the match margin, it is possible to find several print errors (For example a missed character in a string).
Separated rejectors
Separated rejection systems The combined system can differentiate the defective products: the rejected pieces can be sorted between underweight products, overweight products and contaminated by metal.

The vast array of available rejection systems can manage even delicate products like glass jars or phials with an high production speed.

Multi-channel sorter
Multi-channel sorter With the integration of a multichannel-sorter, it's possible to re-insert the discarded products in the control line , sorting them between products in weight-excess and weight-defect.
They now can be corrected, manually or automatically, and then re-sended to the control-weigh unit.
Weight-price labeler
Sorter multicanale With the automatic and semiautomatic weight-price labeller every piece can be marked with an unique label that can be applied even on soft or frail products without direct contact.

The labeler can store up to 250 differet labels, each customizable with up to 100 field, with a simple user interface.

Touch screen
Touch screen The checkweigher can be equipped with a touch screen. Two model are available, a 5 inches monorchomatic screen and an 8 inches VGA screen.
Each is equipped with a wireless or bluetooth connection and a keyboard with trackball, and can support one or more Windows application such as databases or statistical programs.
Statistic software
Statistic software The Stat350 is an advanced statistic software that can be connected to the checkweighers.
It can calculate the average weight in different group of work, the maximum weight and the minimum one; the quantity of product discarded for weight excess of weight defect and metal detector rejection is registered on file.
It can be implemented with the insertion of the 5 inches monochromatic touch screen and the 8 inches VGA color touch screen.
Multiple user language

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