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Industrial Metal Detectors


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The METALIM TUNN-AL metal detector is composed by the Comp-Al electronic board that manages the whole system and by a TUNN-AL transducer.

Metaldetector completo di accessori

The metal detector is normally mounted on a conveyor that transfers the product through the metaldetector's passage.

The metal detector can be fitted with many accessories such as rejection systems.
COEL metaldetector are completely customizable to meet each client's requirements. Alternatively, we sell the metaldetector head alone for installation on pre-existing devices.

The size of the opening for product's passage is customizable, to maximize the sensititivity in every kind of application.  

The metal detector can be manufactured in a monoblock configuration (Comp-Al and TUNN-AL joined in the same box) or in a separated groups configuration (TUNN-AL with a remote Comp-Al unit): the METALIM Metal Detectors are adaptable to every kind of installation.


CO-EL proposes two solutions for the metal detector placement on conveyor belts: a stainless steel frame (best fit to wet enviroments ) and a anodized aluminium frame ( for dry environments).
Both configurations are characterized by:

  1. A solid and compact structure, compliant in every part with the hygiene regulations for food industry. Protection class IP55 or higher if requested.
  2. Sloping structure for lifters available.
  3. Belt available in closed belt white polyurethane version and modular version, specific for the food industry 
  4. Belt working level according with installation requirements (adjustable) and 
  5. Fixed or variable belt speed
  6. Easy interface for commanding rejection systems and other devices
  7. It's possible to connect the metal detector to many other machinery like checkweighters or packing machines.
Both versions are fully compatible with all accessories , exept where differently stated.
Upon request, METALIM metal detector can be equipped with:

Modular alarm light   Audible unit, high intensity   Audible unit, low intensity
Modular alarm light   Audible unit, high intensity   Audible unit, low intensity
Diverter arm ejector   Air blast ejector Fall ejector
Diverter arm ejector   Air blast ejector Fall ejector
Product guides   Rejected products bins Push ejector
Product guides   Rejection bins Pusher ejector
Raised electical panel   Belt start/stop pedal Remote monitoring software
Raised electical panel   Belt start/stop pedals Remote monitoring software

Comp-Al control board  
Metal detector head  
Metal detector on stainless steel conveyor  
Anodized aluminium metal detector


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