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Produzione MetalDetector Industriali


Settore farmaceutico Chemical and pharmaceutical   A modern production line must ensue high standards of quality control while minimizing operating costs. To this purpouse, metal detection systems can be fitted with an integrated weighting system.
A Metalim metal detector is integrated with a dinamic checkweigher, creating a compact solution for metal detection, weighting and labelling problems.

The weighting system complies with the OIML R51 Class III regulation in the various versions up to 270 piece for minute, as checkweigher in standard X(1) and as price labeler in standard Y(a).

Settore alimentare Food industry
Settore industriale Manufacturing

Flexibility of preparation and use
Constructive and maintenance simplicity
  • An extensive range of construction and capacity guarantees the right realization for an optimal answer to the requirements of the customer
  • Ability to interconnect and communicate with filling control and automated prepacking systems.
  • Internal lot counters and totalizers, available for printing, with legal for trade statistics management.
Constructive and maintenance simplicity
  • Modular construction tecnique with exclusive use of stainless materials
  • Simple and immediate accessibility to the several parts for an easy maintenance.
  • Use of high performance servomotors, in order to assure a regular operation and lacking of vibrations in every condition.
The combined Metal Detector and Checkweigher system can be fittet with a large variety of peripherals. The numerous accessories make the product extremely versatile and of easy integration:
Marking system Marking System The marking system can print information on the product during the march on the conveyor belt: up to 4 rows can be printed, with alphanumeric datas or barcodes
sistema di visione Vision System the Vision System allows to make dimensional measures, check eventual print errors in the label (Like the bad print of a due date).
Deviatore ortogonale Separaded rejetors The metal detector and the checkweigher can be fitted with separated rejection systems to minimize product loss and have a better control of the product quality
Sorter multicanale Multi-channel Sorter With the integration of a multichannel-sorter is possible to re-insert discarded products in the control line, sorting them between weight-excess and weight-defect.
Peso-prezzatrice Automatic and semi-automatic labeler The automatic labeler is a weigh-price line with automatic application of the label on single products. The unit allows standalone use, with no other equipment needed. It can be simply integrated in every production line.
Touch screen Touch screen Between the options are present two touch screen, one of 5 inches monochromatic and another one of 8 inches with VGA
Pacchetto statistico Statistic package With the integration of software Stat350 comes faced the management of the group and advanced statistics.

Upon request, METALIM metal detector can be equipped with:

Modular alarm light   Audible unit, high intensity   Audible unit, low intensity
Modular alarm light   Audible unit, high intensity   Audible unit, low intensity
Diverter arm ejector   Air blast ejector Fall ejector
Diverter arm ejector   Air blast ejector Fall ejector
Product guides   Rejected products bins Push ejector
Product guides   Rejection bins Pusher ejector
Raised electical panel   Belt start/stop pedal Remote monitoring software
Raised electical panel   Belt start/stop pedals Remote monitoring software

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